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Techacer,An Electronic Hardware,Firmware and Software expert We Design Technology Products for Small Companies in Niche Markets
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Your ideas require More than hardware engineering,More than software engineering,More than code manipulation. You need a complete package of professional services to turn your ideas into the product and results of your dreams. Techacer Technologies. is a forward-thinking product design and consulting services company that propels clients to a greater level of success. Based in Kerala,India, we design all elements of our customers’ product, including industrial design, hardware, software, firmware, prototyping. We are passionate about our art, and it shows in our work and in the relationships we’ve built. Partner with us and you will see that our passion for excellence is unmatched.

We will use our expertise to find the right solutions and development process of your project. When a new project is starting, everything must be organized and specified in all the details, communication with the customer is a quality that we have developed to ensure an efficient and cost reducing result. We will provide a form that is going to provide all the necessary steps to better understand of your ideas and requirements regarding your project. We can help you build and understand more your idea, Techacer will deliver:
  1. PCB Design.
  2. Hardware Design.
  3. Firmware and Software Design.
  4. Working Prototype.
Will deliver the results of the required project using all our knowledge on the field. If you want your project managed the right way please contact us.
Techacer Technology offers Custom Electronic Design as customer needs. Our goal is to develop a Design beyond your expectations, creating solutions and solving problems based on our extended knowledge. We believe that understanding in all the details the customer needs will reflect in an effective and precise Design. We are always looking how Techacer can save you time and money in the manufacture and prototype process, we are able to identify your project and think of any solution that will have an impact on your investment. Techacer is proud to have all the technology available to develop a High End Electronic Design, with the tools and expertise combined, we are 100% confident that you will be completely satisfied. We take your idea to the next level of performance, taking care of everything during the Design process. Our philosophy is simple, Electronic Design is a way of expression of your ideas and also way of thinking, following our experienced technics will always lead us to a better performance creating solutions for our customer. Contact us for any Electronic Design Projects, we are able to analyze your idea and give you fast feedback about what needs to be done to make it happen
Techacer has the team and expertise to Design the Firmware you need. The first task in any project is to understand and identify the requirements, is very important that the customer provides clear and detailed information about the project. As soon as we get the project requirements from your project our team will analyze and give feedback about what needs to be done in terms to deliver complete Design on time requested. Every embedded system needs to be tested in this common levels:
  1. System tests verify that the product as a whole meets or exceeds the stated requirements. System tests are generally tested in the Techacer labs or Customer facility.
  2. Integration tests verify that a subset of the subsystems identified in the architecture diagrams interact as expected and produce reasonable outcomes. Integration tests are developed by our testing Team.
  3. Unit tests verify that individual software components identified at the intermediate design level perform as their implementers expect. That is, they test at the level of the public API the component presents to other components. Unit tests are generally are developed by the same our Software Designers.
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Do you have an idea?.

We can help you to develop your new idea using our expertise. Techacer team will understand and give you all necessary tools to make your idea possible. We specialize in bringing ideas to production.

Why is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a foundation of healthy business growth as it delegates peripheral business functions to experts in that field while freeing up leadership to focus on core capabilities.

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Minimal Design

Love Our Clients

Professional Design

Our Skills Are

  • Electronic Hardware Design

  • PCB Design

  • Firmware Design

  • Prototyping

Our Skills are excellent


We shake hands, sit down, and analyze the problem. Then we assess and consult on what engineering will be required


We create solutions by using an intelligent mix of analysis and talents. Then we communicate the options with the client team.


We keep a hands-on approach with your project as long as possible. We keep everything in house for greater control

Our Awesome Team

Our team is a group of passionate individuals, who loves working on alternate methods of Interacting with machines.

Jack Smith


Founder & CEO

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John Doe


Co-Founder & COO

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Jack Sparrow


Co-Founder & CTO

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George Wyne


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Hire us! We make you smile :)

Our Products

Check out some of our innovative products.

Our unique product Bamboo Power Box is a portable solar charger fully designed from bamboo.Please visit our Product Website for more details

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We Are Hiring Talented People

We are constantly looking for talented and experienced people. We are a small, nimble development team dedicated to delivering innovative products and technologies. We are committed to our clients’ success and work closely with them to ensure that the products we develop profitably meet their customers needs. This requires a passion for excellence, an open mind and a willingness to think and operate outside of traditional boundaries. The ideal candidates are results-oriented team members who have excellent communications and technical skills and extensive product development backgrounds. You will be responsible for deliverables on multiple projects from a diversified industry group. The ideal candidates must also be able to work in a highly dynamic team atmosphere with like-minded colleagues and require little direct supervision

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